My obsession with photography began early on. I’ve just always known how to use a camera, a natural instinct, my chosen tool to remember moments, both for myself and others.

One of my first memories is being 4 years old in the basement of my grandparents’ house in Brooklyn. My father and my uncle were talking by a door and I wandered away and into a room with a red light and wet photos of my aunt hanging on a clothesline. My uncle found me and switched on machines and showed me how magic happens there. That was my first memory in life; paper, water, red lights, that smell of chemicals and memories hanging on the line. When I was 21 years old living in Brooklyn, he gave me that enlarger and all that darkroom gear.

At age 6, I started ‘borrowing’ a camera from my father’s closet, exploring nature in my backyard, noticing the sun through the trees, curious about this box in my small hands, with knobs and settings I was yet to comprehend. I just pressed buttons and memories emerged. It felt like magic…. I didn’t want to hear of f-stops or anything technical back then. I just wanted to capture the sun. I now know about f-stops and technical things, but I still strive only to capture the sun, both outside and within people.

I gained experience by just doing it, by shooting for free in the beginning, asking questions, searching within for what felt right with contracts, direction, lighting. It’s all instinctive and deeply gratifying.

In photography, I have found a way to make people happy.  Besides the creativity, this is what I love most about it.  My camera is a tool to capture authentic connection between people.  I love to enthusiastically instigate moments... and also intuitively know when to switch to a long lens and unobtrusively capture memories as they unfold.

I have been professionally capturing events and portraits for over 16 years. I'm originally from New York City where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts. I now live in Los Angeles and capture portraits and events all over Southern California and worldwide.

While photography is my main passion, I am also a writer, traveler, yogi, hiker & an avid cartwheel aficionado. I have a Boston Terrier called Pinball.  My favorite place to be is in the desert, Sedona or Big Sur. 

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